Slightly Warm Suite, Could Use a Little more Air Flow: Savitar Realty Advisors Building Management to the Rescue!!

On a hot July morning, some of the employees were complaining that it was a bit too warm, so we asked if they could increase the air flow at the entrance of the suite. Here is the response, and yes, a few months in to the relationship at this point, we pretty much could anticipate this response. We have come to find that they prefer to tell you no, and convince you that you are wrong, instead of being helpful, pleasant, putting their customers first and being thoughtful about the needs of the tenants. So again, we asked if they would mind increasing the air flow at the front of our suite by opening the A/C dampers a bit more, a simple request, which would take an engineer a matter of 3 minutes. The Savitar Realty Advisors Building Manager Response:

“Kent investigated and the system is functioning as designed.“

No further reasoning was entertained after that… Another great customer service experience by the Savitar Realty Advisors team…



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