The one where they changed our locks, just to be mean.

During the build out of our suite, we were in an adjacent suite while the construction took place. Our servers and company refrigerator was in the main suite where the construction was happening. The construction was light, so we would go in once or twice a day to check our servers (100% critical to our business, and this was agreed upon prior to construction), and we would store our lunches in the refrigerator.

One day we showed up to work and our keys wouldn’t open the suite. Weird, I wonder what happened. Well… we come to find out, they were angry at us.

It turns out, this was to block us from talking to the contractors. Why? The day prior in conversation with the contractor, we had mentioned how we would like a particular item to appear one way, versus another. The contractor told us no problem, they would take care of it, and they wouldn’t charge for it. Cool!

Not cool! When Savitar Realty management found out, they changed our locks and forbade us from talking to the contractor going forward. They then charged us (a hefty price, roughly $3,000) for the change that the contractor agreed to perform, for FREE.

Needless to say, we didn’t have access to our food that we had in the fridge, which was definitely upsetting, as was the entire spitefulness from the Savitar Realty Advisors team.


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