Welcome to the Savitar Realty Advisors Real Review Site

Savitar Realty Advisors is a property management company based out of Miami, Florida. Their general approach to managing their tenants tenants is a bit…unique. Here is how our relationship began with them.


When we were on the market for a new office space, we were considering their property, and one other. The other space was in a nicer building, but the Savitar team was quite convincing. They proposed amazing ideas for an incredible looking space that they would build for us, they proposed using nicer materials, higher quality products and every idea we had they said yes to.

The other realty company seemed a bit more reserved in what they were offering, as we shared the ideas that the Savitar team recommended to us, they would respond with: “Well, we can do that,but it would be an upcharge”. Savitar wasn’t saying that, Savitar was making evident that we would get all of those features, without question.

It genuinely seemed as though Savitar was committed to building an incredible space for us, the other realty company did not come across that way.

On the day we had promised a decision, Savitar threw in one more last minute bonus, and that pushed us towards them, we signed with them, we signed.

The planning and construction begins, all of the ideas, materials, yesses we had discussed prior to signing the contract, would be cut out by Savitar, one by one as we proceeded with planning and building. Each week, something we had discussed and seemingly agreed upon, was chopped as they relayed the message of “we said we could do it, but we didnt say we would pay for it.” We received none of what we discussed. The terms of the contract backed them up, they only had to provide what the contract stated, lowest quality products and materials. Despite the fact that they “told” us they would be providing these higher quality products, their words meant nothing, we had been duped. Shame on us, we took them at their word, their word meant nothing.

So that begins the review of Savitar Realty Advisors. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of a too long lease under a company and management team that has no honor, and no problem mistreating their tenants.


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